Transcript for School of Social Work Video

My placement did a lot for me to expand my practice because I learned a lot of theories. And we've learned theories in school as well, but my placement allowed me to actually apply these theories and work with clients and really get comfortable interacting with people and. How I can actually take the knowledge that I've learned in school as well as what I was learning in my placement and actually apply it in a practical way.

>> I actually gained a lot of clinical setting experience because I went out of the scope and went to a different type of setting. That she gave me a lot more of experience than I would have got. When I was doing the emergency, I see everyone and everyone from all walks.

Of life, including infants and children and youth and adults with addiction challenges, and then homeless populations as well as so I actually saw a broad spectrum of people.
>> I was made to feel extremely comfortable by my supervisor. He would set up meetings so that throughout the week I was meeting with different departments and people in different departments, so I kind of got a better understanding of the agency.

He took me to conferences with him so that I could learn more about theories that he works with. He went out of his way to create learning experiences for me like developing groups just so that I was involved with the process. I've been writing everything down and tried to document as much of it as possible.

So I have books and books. Of just pearls of wisdom that he's imparted to me, which I think are excellent.
>> I will say to potential field instructors that, please take on a student. Because I definitely think it will be not only beneficial to the actual student itself.

But actual to, the, the social worker them self. We can definitely bring a lot to the table. You know, we have a lot of skill set and a lot of experience that we can offer to the placement.
>> It's also taught me how to interact with clients. Before this there was a lot of nervousness because it's our first placement.

So, we don't really know how to interact with clients and how it, what should be really expected of us. So, in order to complete a professional program, you need both. You need to have theory and you also need to have. Ways to practice that theory when you're going out into the real world.