Transcript for AIF Series: Business and Public Administration Internship Program Video

Career center provides career support to York University students from their first year of study up until two years after they graduate. The Business and Public Administration Internship Program is a partnership between the faculty of liberal arts and professional studies and the career center. And the idea is that they go on a work term for 4, 8, 12, or 16 months at an employer or various employers, and then they come back to finish their studies.

So the idea is that they're applying their classroom learning to a workplace environment and learning things on, on the job as, and bringing that back to the classroom. Well, I think they can see first hand how what they're learning in class can be applied to the workplace. The AIF funding has helped us to grow internships and grow experiential education opportunities across campus.

Particularly with the Business and Public Administration Internship Program. We wouldn't be able to do it with the AIF funding. We wouldn't be able to outreach to students and grow employer relationships. And support students in their career development and finding really exciting internships. AIF has allowed so many projects that have been percolating for a long time on campus, to actually take off.

Well, I think the AIF funding for the Business & Public Administration Internship Program has helped other people within the university community see the possibilities that exist in internships and experiential education. It's a great model for a different type of program. And opening up other faculties' eyes to the possibilities there, and students' eyes to what they can do on internship, is pretty exciting.